1. Sommets elfiques 1:28
  2. Couleur cartoon 0:47
  3. Manouche Thursday 0:36
  4. Emergency 0:25
  5. Sorry! Theme Song 1:06
  6. Pink Candies 0:30
  7. Downfall 1:06
  8. Big Band Gala 0:53

There’s talent, oh yes […]

The Sorting Hat

What great music!


I like this music.

Carol Connelly

He’s an architect and designer, he’s a composer and magician… a genius, monsieur!

Madame Giry

That’s kind of catchy. It’s got a nice ring to it.

Iron Man

I Love this music.

James Cole

I love your music.

Carl Allen

Nice music, who is that, Brahms?

Chuck Aule

Quite skilled.

Oscar Schindler

Thierry always ends up with great ideas and finds the time to add subtilities on a subliminal level, which is exactly what I need in all my projects.

Lamont Cranston